Why cycloplegic refraction?
Why cycloplegic refraction?

Why cycloplegic refraction?

July 07, 2020

Why cycloplegic refraction?

Q1: Why cycloplegic refraction?


Because the child's lash muscle has a strong ability to regulate, do not spread the word, can not get the accurate degree. Therefore, the cycloplegic refraction can not only confirm the type of refractive imperfection (i.e. myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism), but also obtain an accurate number of refractive degrees. According to this degree of examination glasses will be more comfortable, more reasonable, more scientific, so as not to wear inappropriate glasses to speed up the development of myopia.



Q2: Is there any harm to cycloplegic refraction?


cycloplegic refraction does not cause any damage to the eyes. Only a small percentage of the population (mostly elderly) due to abnormal eye anatomical characteristics, due to cycloplegic refraction caused high eye pressure, induced closed-angle glaucoma attacks, but children are rare.



Q3: What does fast cycloplegic refraction, slow cycloplegic refraction mean? What's the difference?


Fast cycloplegic refraction, mainly for older children and adults. The method is to close your eyes and sit still, the doctor drops the fast cycloplegic refraction potion every 10 minutes or so, takes 20 minutes off after 3 consecutive drops to do the first cycloplegic refraction optometrist, returns to normal 4-6 hours after cycloplegic refraction, and then goes back to re-examination the next day with glasses.


Slow cycloplegic refraction is suitable for younger children, especially those who are farsighted, astigmatized, and suffer from squint and amblyopia. Generally with atropine sulphate eye ointment, the doctor prescribed medicine by the parents at home to give the child some medicine, two times a day, three consecutive days, the fourth day to the hospital for the first photogram, from the initial optometrist began to calculate, the 21st day to come back to the hospital for re-examination light. Of course, it's up to the individual.


Slow cycloplegic refraction can fully paralyze the muscles that control pupil contraction, and the results of the photothesis will be more accurate. It takes two to three weeks for cycloplegic refraction to return to normal. These two cycloplegic refraction methods are not good or bad, depending on the child's age, eye reality, etc. to choose!



Q4: Is the child true to myopia, must you wear glasses?


Once you develop true myopia, be sure to wear the right glasses for correction. At present, the methods suitable for correcting myopia are frame glasses and corneal plastic mirrors.


For children, wearing frame glasses is the main way to correct myopia, corneal plastic mirror is generally used in children and adolescents during growth and development, play a special role in wearing diagonal at night to produce a special "shaping" effect, can effectively control the development of myopia and the growth of the eye axis, during the day can not wear glasses can also obtain clear naked eye vision.


Parents need to be reminded that no matter what type of glasses need expertise, it is recommended to follow the guidance of an ophthalmologist and optometrist.



Q5: Wearing glasses, the more the degree of wearing increases?


Whether the degree of myopia deepens or not has little to do with the glasses themselves, but is caused by changes in the refractive state of the eye itself.


As long as the factors leading to myopia are still, such as lack of outdoor exercise, eye time is too long, myopia will continue to deepen, and wearing glasses does not have much to do with.



Q6: Will wearing glasses cause eye deformation?


Eyeball protruding is not because of long-term wearing frame glasses, but because of high myopia, if not wearing glasses, the eyeball will also deform. Simple myopia, especially low-to-medium-sightedness below 600 degrees, generally will not have the appearance of eye protrusion, but more than 600 degrees of high myopia, most of them are axial myopia, when the eye axis extends to a certain extent will appear the performance of eye protruding deformation.



Q7: Will wearing glasses crush your child's nose?


Nose beam bone and other bones of the body have similar hardness, glasses are generally very light weight, and the frame has a nose bracing, they are evenly forced, so long-term wear will not collapse the nose beam. However, glasses do exert pressure on the nasal beam, causing indentations in the nasal beam, especially in children during growth and development, if they wear heavier glasses, the indentation at the bridge of the nose can be more severe.


If you feel that wearing frame glasses affects aesthetics, choose a matching corneal plastic mirror.



Q8: Can myopia be completely cured?


No. Myopia occurs changes in the overall structure and function of the eye, including longer axles, thinning of the retina, and so on, and the change in height myopia is more pronounced. At present, there is no medical means to completely treat myopia, corneal plastic mirror and laser surgery only changed the curvature of the cornea, from the change of refractive degree, can be said to be "cure" myopia, but from the overall structure of the eyeball, can not achieve the goal of curing myopia.

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