What is the hyperopia reserve?
What is the hyperopia reserve?

What is the hyperopia reserve?

February 02, 2020

What is the hyperopia reserve?

What is the hyperopia reserve?

Don't overdraw your child's hyperopia reserves


Normal Hyperopia Reserve


+3.50 or less


+2.50 or less


+2.00 or less


+1.50 or less


The faster the reserve is consumed, the easier it is for the child to be myopia. The anteroposterior axis is approximately 20 mm long before and after birth to 3 years of age, and approximately 20-24 mm of the anteroposterior axis from 4 to 18 years of age, which can form myopia once it exceeds 24 mm and is abnormally related to corneal curvature.

Hyperopia reserve is not enough easy to myopia, but the children have the risk of amblyopia if it is to much, mom and dad must pay attention to it.

Children Vision












Vision development is nearing completion in 6-year-olds, with most reaching 1.0. If your child's vision is not in this normal class, it is recommended to take your child to a professional eye hospital as soon as possible, but even within the normal value range, you should do an eye check-up once a year.

How to protect children's eyesight

Pay attention to eye habits

Do not use your eyes looking near for long periods of time, rest for about 10 minutes for every 40 minutes of eye use, and you can look out, close your eyes, or play ball game etc.

Don't read on moving vehicles, don't read in places where the light is too dark or too bright, eat less sweets, and don't pick on food.

Let your children go outside more

Studies have shown that about 2 hours of outdoor activity per day has a clear preventive effect on the occurrence of myopia. Therefore, parents can encourage their children to play outdoors, can help children relieve eye fatigue, prevent the development of myopia.

However, it is important to note that do not go out to play when the sun is too harsh, so as not to cause damage to vision.

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