Dyeing principle of resin lens
Dyeing principle of resin lens

Dyeing principle of resin lens

July 07, 2019

Dyeing principle of resin lens

Dyeing principle of resin lens


This paper mainly introduces the dyeing principle of resin lens.


1、Dyeing principle of resin lens


Resin lens can withstand 150℃high temperature. When the temperature is 80-90℃, the resin lens is heated and the molecular gap is expanded. The dye particles dissolved in water can enter the molecular gap to make it colored. When the lens is cooled, the molecular gap is reduced, the color is fixed, and the dyeing is completed.


Dyeing can be either monochrome or gradient. Generally, the coloring depth is about 0.03-0.1 mm. Dyed lenses shall be resin lenses whose surface has not been hardened or coated. If hardening or coating is required, it shall be carried out after dyeing.


2、Dyeing solution and dyeing apparatus


1)Staining solution and other reagents


1. Dye solution: aqueous solution of dye and accelerator.


2. Common dye combinations: yellow, brown, pink, green, blue and gray.


3. Accelerator: it is a kind of dyeing assistant, also known as surfactant. Its function is to reduce the surface tension of the dye, accelerate the infiltration speed of the lens, and accelerate the dye particles dissolved in water into the gap between the molecules of the resin lens, which is easy to color and fix.


4. Fading agent: a chemical solvent that can fade dyed lenses.


2)Preparation of dyeing solution


According to the requirements of the manufacturer's instructions, add dyes and accelerators into the heated water in a certain proportion. The ratio of general dye and accelerator is 20:1. Different manufacturers have different requirements, and the specific operation shall be carried out according to the requirements of the manufacturer's instructions.


3)Dyeing apparatus


Dyeing utensils can be simple or complex. The simple ones can be a small aluminum pot and heater. The general standard dyeing appliance in optical shops is an electric water bath dyeing box, which is equipped with a control panel (composed of power switch, thermometer, temperature controller, timer, etc.); The water bath box generally has six buckets, all of which are made of stainless steel; A lens locator with symmetrical design is arranged under the bucket cover; There is a movable lifting controller.

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